Serendipity: A place whereby chance you can discover something extraordinary

Photo credit: Natasha Asselstine

Hello, my name is Ruwanmali, my cookbook, Milk, Spice & Curry Leaves; Hill Country Recipes from the Heart of Sri Lanka, shares my family's generational knowledge of Sri Lankan cooking and recipes that I gathered over the years, as sous chef to my mother in our home kitchen.

I was born in Ontario, Canada. Our family later moved to Alberta and then BC.  I now live in Washington, USA with my husband and our two children. Many of the serendipitous moments I have experienced in life are connected to my Sri Lankan heritage, my travels to my ancestral country, and my passion for cooking and sharing meals with family and friends while growing up in North America.  


The word serendipity stems from the word "serendip," one of the early names given to Sri Lanka by explorers to the island. It means the occurrence, or the encounter of happy and unexpected discoveries by chance. 

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