Living Simply, Loving Fully

Photo credit: Natasha Asselstine

Savouring Serendipity is about taking pause to enjoy the little things in life.  Like when we wake up in time to catch a beautiful sunrise, or when we are truly present with our children and are feeling connected to their purity and light, or when enjoying a homemade meal prepared with fresh ingredients that you hand picked from a market or your own garden, and are experiencing how good this makes you or your loved ones' feel.  These moments are when we feel balanced, healthy, and connected with our families, friends, communities, and most importantly ourselves.  The things that bring us a sense of wholeness, and happiness are often the little things in life, the things that we take for granted, cost us very little, and offer so much.  


At the heart of Savouring Serendipity is gratitude for the simple things in life that appear in front of us daily, are unplanned or unanticipated, but  give surprising joy and bring health and wellness.


Many of the serendipitous moments I have experienced in life are connected to my Sri Lankan heritage and my travels to my ancestral country, and my passion for home cooking and sharing meals with family and friends while growing up in North America. My travels to Sri Lanka, and other parts of Asia, have also inspired a deep desire to support small female led and grass-roots initiatives that help to sustain healthy communities. 


The word serendipity stems from the word "serendip," one of the early names given to Sri Lanka by explorers to the island. It means the occurrence, or the encounter of happy and unexpected discoveries by chance. 

Ruwanmali Samarakoon Amunugama