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I am honoured to share all of my favourite family recipes with you!  This is truly an heirloom, a reflection of my ancestry, and Sri Lankan Canadian culture, upbringing and experiences. It is a snapshot of my family that I am happy to share with you!


It's finally here!

... and I promise that you are going to love it!

A celebration of the unique flavours and ingredients of Sri Lanka, lovingly presented for the home cook.

As a second-generation Canadian, my childhood was filled with many happy visits to my parents’ homeland in Sri Lanka, in the hill country around Kandy.

From those many trips, I have vivid memories of the rustic, tropical flavours of classic Sri Lankan dishes—sweet pineapple and mango, bitter gourd, spicy chili pepper, tart lime, and many more—and a lifelong passion for sharing these enticing tastes with family and friends!



Coconut Roti
Devilled Prawns
Bitter Gourd Salad
Raw Papaya Mallum

Beetroot Curry
Eggplant Curry
Okra Curry
Young Jackfruit Curry 

Fried Plaintain Curry


Tricks &Tips

On preparing and cutting leaves, fruits, and vegetables for perfect curries and salads;

Detail on specialty products—like goraka, pandanus leaves, tamarind, and young jackfruit;

Always with attention to using ingredients available in North American grocery stores.


From there to here

Wherever I go, I know the greatest place to be is in the company of family and friends

I learned to cook Sri Lankan food from my mother, and learned my grandmother's authentic methods. My knowledge of South Asian foods and ingredients have been enhanced by trips to Sri Lanka and Asia. I was born and have lived in Ontario, and also grew up in British Columbia, Alberta, and am now raising my own family in Washington state. Fortunately, my passion for cooking knows no bounds!


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