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  Available at your favourite bookstores in Canada and the USA.  Available internationally through Amazon Australia, UK, and India. Available at select retailers in Sri Lanka.

The SundayTimes, Sri Lanka


Coconut Roti
Devilled Prawns
Bitter Gourd Salad
Raw Papaya Mallum

Beetroot Curry
Eggplant Curry
Okra Curry
Young Jackfruit Curry 

Fried Plaintain Curry


Tricks &Tips

On preparing and cutting leaves, fruits, and vegetables for perfect curries and salads;

Detail on specialty products—like goraka, pandanus leaves, tamarind, and young jackfruit;

Always with attention to using ingredients available in North American grocery stores.


"This vegetable and seafood-heavy book has recipes for all the classics: lamprais, the little parcels of perfumy banana leaves stuffed with rice and curries, the cashew curry I would plead for as a kid, and kiribath. Readers are led through an introduction to the pillars of the cuisine (coconut milk and meat, rice, and key spices ...) before learning how to fold banana leaves and make curry powders. It’s a technique-heavy book full of reliable instructions and gorgeous nostalgic photographs."

~ Epicurious

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