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Milk, Spice, & Curry Leaves Hits Shelves

The day October 20, 2020 has been in my mind for a while now. This past month, I have experienced a whirlwind of emotions: excitement, anxiety, relief, overwhelming happiness, but mostly, gratitude. I am so thankful to my family, extended family, friends, and all those along the way who provided their support, belief in me, and encouragement.

It was a seedling of a dream inspired by my heritage, my grandparents and parents, and the numerous trips my family and I made to Sri Lanka over many years; fueled by a desire to share the secrets to making Sri Lankan rice and curries with home cooks.

Thank you to all those who will try their hand at the recipes and venture to expand their pantries with new spices and ingredients. But more importantly, thank you to all those who will make a space for the book on their shelves at home. I can't think of a greater reward.



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